Ccara Llama Screening and Registration

Ccara Screening

Ccara Registration

Llamas seeking entry into the registry will need to be ILR registered, at least three years of age, and a minimum of 43” height at the withers.

The first three generations admitted to the registry will require screening to determine eligibility. Cria born to third generation registered Ccara parents - meaning that both parents, all four grandparents and all eight great grandparents have been screened - will be accepted without screening.

Screening will be done with an eye to coat type, perceived athletic structure, disposition and way of going.

Screening fees will be as follows:
1-4 llamas      $15.00 ea.
5-9 llamas    $13.50 ea.
10-20 llamas  $12.00 ea.
Over 20 llamas  $10.00 ea.