Screening Score Sheet

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Llama owner:
Name________________________ Street or mailing address ______________________

Town__________________________ State or Province____________  

Country___________________  Zip or Postal Code_______________

Name of llama applying for entry into CLR________________

ILR registration number of llama ____________

ILR Member Owner Code (e.g. AB 123) _____________

Birth date of llama  (Must be at least three years of age
To qualify)         ____________________

Height of llama measured from the ground to top of shoulder (wither height) __________
Llama must be at least 43” tall to be eligible. Under 43” is a disqualifier.
(See Appendix “A” for measuring instructions)

Height of llama from ground to highest point of hip (hip height)     _____________

Leg length of llama from chest floor (brisket) to ground______________

Girth depth of llama (Wither height minus leg length) _______________


** Note:  Leg length must be at least 2” more than girth depth. Less is a disqualifier. Llamas with a high leg length/girth depth ratio are considered desirable.


Llama shows a distinct double coat, with top layer of coarse guard hair and a relatively short layer of finer insulating fibre.  Yes____  (No is a disqualifier)


Neck wool shed out at some point prior to screening. Yes___   (No is a disqualifier)


Llama shows reasonable conformation with no obvious anomalies or deformities. Yes____    ( Note: dropped pasterns are a disqualifier.)


Version II 08


                                                                     Llama reg. # ________

1.  Llama shows correct alignment of limbs with an overall trim athletic appearance of grace and balance, with a narrow stance and a long, smooth free-moving stride. Neck, legs and face are free of wool , and the body is covered with a layer of guard hair. There is no obvious lateral rocking motion of the shoulders and neck as the llama walks. The neck length is approx. 2/3 the length of the back. Neck and head are carried slightly ahead of the vertical when llama is in a relaxed stance and viewed from the side.

                                                                                                              Max. score 10 _____


2. Llama has a relatively lean build and the spine can be easily felt. Back slopes down at an approx. 45 degree angle from each side of the spine. (Upside down ‘V’ shape)

                                                                                                              Max. score 5_____


3. Topline is relatively level .

                                                                                                              Max. score 5_____


4. The llama walks with no obvious deviation of the legs and feet from the midline as it travels.

                                                                                                              Max score 5____


5. Pasterns are strong and relatively short and upright

                                                                                                             Max score 5____


6. Well-developed muscling is apparent on the forearms and at the attachment of the front legs to the chest when viewing the llama from the front, and on the inner thighs when viewed from behind.

                                                                                                              Max score 5_____


Version II 08

                                                                                            Llama reg. # _______


7. Feet are of adequate size and configuration to support the llama.

                                                                                                                   Max. score 5____


 8. Head gives the appearance of alertness with widely spaced eyes, longish erect ears, a straight profile when viewed from the side and correct jaw alignment with lower incisors meeting the upper dental plate. Head demonstrates bilateral symmetry when viewed from the front.

                                                                                                                  Max score 5____


9. Llama exhibits a calm demeanor when approached by humans.

                                                                                                               Max score 5_____



                                                                                           Total Score (out of 50) _______

                                                                Note: Minimum qualifying score  is 45

Llama accepted     ________

Llama rejected       ________

Screener (s)           ________________________________




Screening Date     ________________________________


Location               ________________________________


Version II- 08